Punk 1977-2007 30th Anniversary


CD 1: The '77 Revolution
disco: 1977-2007 30th Anniversary - CD 1
formato: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01.the ramones: judy is a punk pistols: anarchy in the u.k
03.the damned: new rose
04.sham 69: if the kids are unite
05.the boys: the first time
06.alternative tv: action time vision
07.chelsea: the right to work
08.the vibrators: baby baby
09.the ramones: i wanna be your boyfriend
10.eddie y the hot rods: do anything you wanna do pistols: god save the queen
12.999: homicide
13.sid vicious: my way
14.the stranglers: peaches
15.buzzcocks: what do i get?




CD 2: Hardcore & British Second Wave
disco: 1977-2007 30th Anniversary - CD 2
formato: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01.dead kennedys: too drunk to fuck
02.die toten hoosen feat. ronnie biggs: no one is innocent subs: new york state police
04.stiff little fingers: alternative ulster
05.angelic upstarts: woman in disguise
06.adicts: viva la revolution
07.g.b.h: city baby´s revenge
08.anti pasti: something new
09.peter y the test tube babies: banned from the pubs
10.blitz: never surrender
11.partisans: police story
12.the undead: when the evening comes
13.conflict: from protest to resistance subs: strangehold
15.die toten hosen: goodbye garageland




CD 3: Roots & Rarities
disco: 1977-2007 30th Anniversary - CD 3
formato: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01.iggy y the stooges: i got a right
02.velvet underground: waiting for the man york dolls: personality crisis
04.mc5: kick out the jams
05.johnny thunders y the heartbreakers
06.dee dee ramone: negative creep
07.runaways: black leather cowboys: let´s get crazy
09.destroy all monsters: bored
10.cherie currie, marky ramone y wayne kramer: cherry bomb
11.johnny thunders y the heartbreakers
12.the slits: newtown
13.ex pistols: land of hope and glory
14.the saints: follow the leader
15.sid vicious: search and destroy

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